Miguel Thibodeau

Miguel Thibodeau was born in Laoag City and lived in the Philippines until he was nine (9) years old, when his family migrated to the United States in 1989. He finished his primary schooling in Southern California with sports Varsity Honors in football, basketball, and track and field. He received his Bachelor’s In Arts in Economics in the University of California in Irvine, California (UCI) while working full time as a web developer, sales, and marketing with various Technology companies during the tech boom of the 90’s through the new millennium.

His experience in the American Tech industry in the turn of the millennium allowed him to gain valuable experience in the application of Technology in the Internet space. But more importantly, being in an emerging Industry, it instilled a deep and rich mindset of creativity and innovation in order to be competitive and successful.

In 2003, after graduating from University he traveled around the globe for one (1) year passing through Europe and Asia. Having immersed himself with varying cultures throughout his travels, he was able to come to appreciate the nuance nature of how culture and customs play a big part in our short and long term decision making process.

After traveling, he returned to the United States and he joined Sprint Wireless as a Sales Manager in their retail division. Sprint Wireless at the time was arguably the most advanced Telecom company at the time, pioneering 3G technology with wireless phones. This experience gave him advanced insight on the potential of wireless and the application of that technology towards everyone’s life.

He then took the new challenge of working in a new industry with Sear’s Roebuck Inc. in their Home Improvement Division dealing with clients throughout Southern California. With Sprint Wireless and Sear’s Roebuck he was able to gain experience in extensive sales training programs that was then both the leading sales training systems in the world in their respective industries. With the latter he was directly working with home owners with their desire to make their homes more desirable to sell, thus he had to become an expert in home interior and exterior design, home utility, home expansion, home remodeling, HVAC systems, and home beautification.

Realizing where he can best utilize his skill set, he then pursued a Real Estate Broker’s License with the Department of Real Estate of California. During this time he became passionate about the Real Estate Industry and came to realize the impact that Real Estate had on people’s daily lives and investment earning potential. So to be more involved in the industry while taking classes for his license he became involved with the Loan Funding side of the industry as a Loan Officer. But before he was able to take the state license exam with the DRE an opportunity came up which led him to start his business @ Your Service Shuttle in 2006. @ Your Service Shuttle was a transportation company geared towards ride sharing before there was Uber. On 2009 he sold the company and decided to move to the Philippines to be with family. 

While in the Philippines his passion for Real Estate never waned and started taking classes. In addition to his Bachelor’s in Economic, he become eligible to take the Philippine Board Exam for Real Estate Management in February 2016. He passed his board exam in Baguio City and became a PRC Licensed Real Estate Broker. Shortly after he joined REBAP Laoag City Chapter.

In 2018 he started his Real Estate Brokerage firm AGEON REAL ESTATE in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. He is also involved and partners with various construction companies involved in government contracts and residential projects. He is accredited with multiple developers in the Philippine archipelago. With his insight from living in the culture of the United States and other parts of the world, his extensive sales training and experience, his Technology and IT background, and his industry experience both in the Philippines and abroad, Miguel Thibodeau is able to provide a unique business experience with a tremendous value that will yield the highest return on your investment.