Rayna Remigio Rocimo


Not like a little girl, not like a princess – a queen. She is Rayna.

In Spanish, it literally means Queen, it is a variety of Latin name Regina, basically a queen who is pure and holy.

With all the above mentioned information, Rayna is truly endowed with these accolades.

Queens nowadays can be seen even in the most ordinary state of life. Gone are the days that only those in a throne clothed with expensive garments ornamented with precious gems and stones but now someone who assumes facets of responsibility.

She is a wife.

She is contently married to Melchor M. Rocimo, a succesful businessman. As they say behind man’s fall and success is a woman. With that, Rayna chose to be the later. She gives full support to her husband that led them successes to every endeavor that they enter into. As a wife, she complements what the husband could offer. She regards her husband as a partner and not a competitor. This kind of relationship have orchestrated their swift and thriving business ventures.

She is a mother.

Rearing a child in this era where information is just on the tip of our fingers in no joke. But to Rayna she ably stronger than any other influences. She built strong foundation at home that prepared her children to champion the outside world. Indeed she and her husband are gifted with three amazing daughters who are uniquely outstanding in their chosen fields.

Her eldest Phoebe Joycelle, a Masters in Mathematical Finance and a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Appraiser and a member of Global Association of Risk Practitioners, presently employed as Manager in Earnst and Young Auditing and Consultancy firm in London, United Kingdom. The second, Aubrey Melody, an Ateneo de Manila Magna Cum Laude graduate of BS Health Sciences. She also graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Medicine, and obtained Doctor of Medicine, Cum Laude. Now in her first year as Resident Physician in Radiology Oncologist at Philippine General Hospital. The youngest, Jana Meril, a DOST Scholar enrolled at Ateneo de Manila University as first year student in Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, Major in Mathematical Finance.

She is a Leader.

She is a Certified Public Accountant who did never settle for less but continued to soar. She furthers her studies by taking up Masters in Business Administration at Divine Word College of Laoag. To maximize her skill she made a way to take another professional sphere to enter Real Estate as soon as she obtained her license as a broker.

Other than her family she exudes immense commitment to her job and eventually it became like family and a way of living to her. She owns and manages MR’S Gasoline Station and Waterplus Refilling Station. She was once a company accountant at Sales Lending Investor Incorporated for more than two decades.

With her commendable experiences it became easy for her to win the trust of people that led her play several positions in all the organizations she involve in. To name a few: Northwest Luzon Director, Petron Dealers Association; RA 1 Area Coordinator, Petron Dealers Association; President, Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FY 2019 – 2020); Executive Vice President : Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants Ilocos Norte – Laoag City  Chapter (FY 2018 – 2019); VP Professional Development, Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants Laoag City Chapter (July 2017 to June 2018), Auditor, Real Estate Brokers Association of the
Philippines- National (CY 2018); Auditor : Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines- National (CY 2015); President, Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines- Laoag City Chapter (August 2012 to 2014); Vice President – Management, Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines- Information Systems Laoag City Chapter (January 2011 to 2012); Auditor, Real Estate Brokers  Association of the Philippines- Laoag City Chapter (2008 to 2010); Treasurer, Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines-Laoag City Chapter (1997); Director, Commerce & Industry : Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants-Community Projects
Laoag City Chapter (July 2006 to June 2007)

She is an Achiever

As she started her formal education, she already have shown promising future through her academic excellence being an honor student from elementary to tertiary level.

She is not just a plain professional who settles for what is expected of her but even go beyond thereby doing the extra mile to further her skills in order to deliver the best service she could offer. She attended trainings and conferences that gave her wider perspectives into endeavors she involved. Some of which are Basic Pollution Training Seminar for Category A Establishment, Basic Occupational Safety and Health Course, Real Estate Brokers Seminar and Review, Continuing Professional Education Seminars for Certified Public Accountants, Continuing Professional Education Seminars for Real Estate Brokers.

With all these preparations which she put into practice she bested various awards and recognition. In her three years as REBAP Chapter President, she was awarded as the Most Outstanding Chapter President – Small Chapter Category in 2014 and made her Chapter as an Outstanding Chapter awardee. She was likewise awarded Presidential Outstanding Chapter President FY 2019-2020 by PICPA. Her outstanding leadership paved the local REBAP organization in attaining its legal status, thus, REBAP Laoag was registered at the SEC on September 28, 2011 through the leadership of Leonardo Llanes followed by the BIR Registration, and every year thereafter, the Chapter has filed consistently the Chapter’s Annual Audited Financial Statements to BIR and the General Information Sheet at Securities and Exchange Commission.

Rayna is truly a queen, she is an ordinary woman bearing an extra ordinary power. An empowered woman who embodies the Rare Attitude in Yearning for Nobility and Accolades.

David Slawson once said, names are an important key to what a society values and RAYNA REMIGIO ROCIMO is living up with values a queen possesses.